Point of Use



The Point of Use is designed to supply heated water to one basin by means of a swivel spray outlet. Suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.

With this unit, we have performed some value added engineering activities which includes the change of copper canister to plastic canister.

Client Heatrae Sadia Heating, UK





The Tundish is a backflow prevention component and it provides reassurance for various environments and risk categories.

It also prevents contamination but is designed for minimal pressure drop to maintain good flow rates.

Client Reliance Water Controls, UK


Titanium Heating Element


The Titanium heating element provides a longer life span compared to Stainless Steel and Copper. With inert characteristics and non-toxic, it is suitable for most water conditions.

This heating element is in compliance with IEC 60335 Clause 19 Standard.

Client Cotherm, UK

Titanium SPA Heater






As a “Long Life” heating element due to its strong corrosion resistance property, this makes it ideal for pool and SPA heater applications.

Client Hydro Quip, USA