Wiring Center



A Wiring Center is suited to most popular heating and hot water systems and provides a systemized and tidy approach to wiring, particularly in respect of cable links and terminal numbers.

It has some fixed and some movable links and is designed to be wall mounted, with cable entry from either the rear or through knock-outs in the rear.

Client Reliance Water Controls, UK

EPA Terminal Cover




The EPA terminal cover is a plastic part used to cover the heating element in a high pressure hot water cylinder.

Client Heatrae Sadia Heating, UK

Solar Support Coil



A part used to hold and support the heating coil in a water heating cylinder to prevent the coil from deformation due to vibration or movement caused by handling or transportation.

With the engineering thermoplastic material incorporated, it gives a strong support yet with a spring effect.

Client Heatrae Sadia Heating, UK

1/2” BSP Stat Pocket




A housing for sensor used in a water heating cylinder. This housing ensures no water sips into the sensor unit from the water heating cylinder.

Client CSi Solutions, UK

Brass Forging Parts

Precision Machined Parts

Metal Stamping Parts


Various options of seamless and/or welded tube parts with special sizes available.

Client Heatrae Sadia Heating, UK